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Dolo Intelligent Watch Series II


One glance at the front of the Dolo Series II and you instantly know it’s unlike any other: The Dolo Intelligent Watch Series II is the ultimate  covert gadget, perfect for keeping an eye on what’s happening without anyone noticing. It looks like a normal wristwatch from the outside, but with the press of a button, you can instantly  take pictures, record videos and audio of anything from pretty sunsets to suspicious activities. Take still pictures, video and record audio straight from your wrist with a spy watch that’s a full featured digital camera.

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Our professional series Spy Watch is the latest in state-of-the-art miniature camera technology. This incredible watch features a light-weight, high quality aluminum housing with a 2 mega pixel color camera that records video or still shots to an included 32gb micro SD memory card. Features includes undetectable hidden lens inside the crystal, real time clock data stamp for “Date Camera” feature, one touch recording, 640 x 480 resolution with auto-record software, rechargeable lithium ion battery, loop recording for continuous filming without having to manually save files, USB cable for easy viewing.

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Black Leather, Black Titanium Chain, Brown Leather, Rose Gold Chain

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